(29-Jun-2020) Publication in Nature Genetics!

Our HDL method paper on genetic correlation estimation is now published in Nature Genetics! It provides more power for analyzing GWAS summary statistics. HDL is based on a full likelihood of genetic effects, and the additional information helps improve estimation efficiency compared to LD score regression (LDSC). In practice, the estimation will be more accurate, and the standard error will be smaller, as if 2.5 x N using LDSC. See also press release by BioArt.

(31-Jul-2019) Publication in Frontiers in Genetics!

Our opinioin paper on the pleiotropic effects of CCR5Δ32 is published in Frontiers in Genetics. We investigated the potential side effects due to genetic pleiotropy of He Jiankui’s CRISPR editing target. The 32bp deletion, though protective against HIV-1 infection, simultaneously carries substantial harmful effects across various human complex diseases. We approached this by looking into GWAS summary statistics in the UK Biobank and mixture modeling of the genetic effects. See also press release by The Intellectural & Sina.

All judgements are, in their rationale, statistics.

-- C. R. Rao

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